Department of Child Care and Education

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he Department of Child Care and Education was approved the Ministry of Education as the preservice training institution of the educare givers in preschool. The curriculum was based on the preschool educators’ professional educare competence through the core curriculum design of the Ministry of Education to strengthen preservice educare givers’ teaching professional ability and obtain qualified teaching staff qualifications.
2. In order to cultivate students' multiple instructional ability for young children, the Department of Child Care and Education planned the empowering curriculum to advance their professional educare competences, such as children's performance and art, creative hand making, story presentation, children of the special needs, after-school care.
3. The Department of Child Care and Education combined with the other departments to set up "social work for the youngers and elders", "children's sports and leisure management", "American language teaching for children" and other cross-disciplinary courses to expand the breadth of employment and competitiveness for preservice educare givers.
4. In the four-year period of the Department of Child Care and Education, freshman and sophomore students will learn liberate curriculum and foundation early childhood education to know the basic knowledge. The junior and senior students learn more professional knowledge and practical ability to advance their educare competences.
5. To enhance students’ competitiveness in workplace, the Department of Child Care and Education design the employment and industrial courses to effectively enhance their ability to engage multiple workplace situations to guarantee the employment.